Last week , searching the internet , I found information about a very interesting project , both in its content and its purpose, and that contacts directly with the idea that Naturgeis have to return to society part of what it receives because without participation of the community in which you reside and avoiding integration and confrontation of problems, everything is more difficult .

The Acatraz project as indicated on its website , "is an initiative of the Santa Teresa Foundation recruiting gang members in the Municipality Revenga , in Aragua, Venezuela . The name comes from the famous Alcatraz prison in California, but with the difference in this case is the worst prison themselves and the biggest challenge is to escape from themselves. their own future depends on each participant, just give them your last chance. "

The project aims to reintegrate these bands to society through education and employment, thereby solving two major problems affecting the municipality Revenga , crime and unemployment.

For more information, about the project we leave this documentary recorded by fellow Canal + in the Robinson Report program that seems the most interesting and allows us to see first hand , their protagonists.